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Megan + Nick 

Edmonton, AB | Maternity 

Here is a little peak into Megan and Nicks life together. To be honest, they are the most genuine people and I am so honoured that I had the chance to document their new chapter in life. Here is their story:


Both Nick and I were content being mom and dad to all our fur babies forever. That was until last summer when out of no where a spark lit both of our hearts with the desire to have a baby. A few months later and little bit of nausea I realized it was time to see if our dream was coming true. That morning when I saw those two little pink lines, I knew we were entering into our next great adventure. 

This is cheesy, but when it comes down to it, we realized that the reason we want a kid is to be able to give an amazing life full of love to another individual. We can picture our lives as parents, and the magical moments of cradling our newborn in our arms. 

Now we are patiently waiting for these months to pass till we meet our little girl. Occasionally we are still pinching ourselves to see if this is real.

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