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Clara + Steen

Canmore Engagement | Barrier Lake, AB

When Clara contacted me to photograph her and fiancés engagement photos, I was so excited! I was even more excited when she told me she wanted to take them in the mountains! I can not wait to show off these two beautiful people!  If you are wondering how they met keep reading! <3


 Steen and Clara knew each other from volleyball in grade 7. They played on the same club team so they were always at tournaments together and played high school volleyball against each other’s school teams. They grew up having a lot of mutual friends and they seen each other every so often when they were out. 3 years ago they were in Phoenix at the same time so Steen messaged Clara and asked if Clara and his friends wanted to meet up with Steen and his friends. Clara's friend that she was staying with in Phoenix worked there so she hung out with Steen's friends for most of the week.

When Clara left to catch a flight home Steen asked if he could drive Clara to the airport and in the car asked if Clara wanted to go on a date when they got back. So Clara did, and the rest is history! The funny thing; they  found out that Steen's mom was Clara's mom’s boss and they were pregnant at the same time and had mat leave at the same time with them. When they were babies, our parents used to meet up so Steen and Clara could have playdates. His parents were even at my parents wedding!

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