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Barrier Lake Engagement
  • What are your prices? Do you have payment plans?
    Please contact me, and I would be happy to share my prices and packages with you! Yes, I do have payment plans, I am happy to make it work for you! We can definitely chat about Payment plans!
  • How does posing work?
    I take care of the posing. If you have specific poses you love I would like to hear them. As we spend time together most of your poses come from you as a couple, you won't even know your doing it. Saying that, I take care of it all. Let's just get together and bring your chemistry alive on camera.
  • Do you offer engagement sessions?
    Yes!! They can be added on separately!!
  • How will I receive my photos, and how long does it take?
    Every gallery is sent to an online gallery through email, where you may download, print, and share with your friends and family. Depending on the session or wedding, it could take 6 to 12 weeks and provide 100 to 1000 pictures.
  • What to expect?
    You can expect a confident photographer that leads and promotes you to make those real moments come alive. My style is to provide guidance, and direction in a calm and creative environment. I create trust with my Brides and Grooms, I lead you in capturing one of your most memorable moments. I want you to feel comfortable and inspired.
  • Can I have the raw images or unedited images?
    I don't share my RAW pictures. I take great pride in my work i do and when you hire me you are hiring me because you LOVE my photos and editing style. I'll send you the high-resolution edited versions. You don't want the RAWS, I assure you!
  • What do we wear to our session?
    I GOT YOU!!! I have made the best "what to wear" guide that will guide you through all the steps to find the perfect outfit for your session.

Have more questions? No problem! Contact me today and I'd be happy to answer them all!

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