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Jamie + Matt 

Engagement | Edmonton, Ab

Jamie and Matt’s love story began in November of 2018. Jamie started to attend Beulah Alliance Church in 2017 along with her family. Many Sundays, Jamie and her mom often lined up at the church coffee bar before the service. One Sunday, Karen spotted a “tall, good-looking guy” staring at Jamie in the coffee line and made it well known to Jamie. The next few Sundays, Jamie and Matt made eye contact with each other in the coffee line, but Jamie was too shy, and Matt didn’t know how to approach Jamie with her mom beside her every time.

On November 23, they both attended a young adults worship night at the Church. Matt’s friends were trying to convince him to go and talk with Jamie after the service. At the same time, Jamie’s friends were trying to convince her to go talk with Matt! After an hour or so of trying to indistinctly look at each other from across the room, Matt mustered up the courage to go talk with Jamie amongst her six friends that were with her. Jamie on the other hand was headed out the door to go home (she’s usually in bed by 10). Later that night, Matt reached out to Jamie on social media and they started talking. The following weekend they were both coincidently going to their friends birthday at the same pub on whyte ave, where they were able to talk for the first time.

The next day they planned a coffee date at the Colombian coffee shop and ended up going out for lunch next door.. It turned out to be a 5-hour long date. They knew from the beginning (and possibly everyone else) that God’s provision led their paths to cross.. that they were meant to be. A year and 18 days later at the same coffee shop, sitting at the same table, Matt went down on one knee and proposed to Jamie.. And 9 months later on September 12, 2020, in the presence of God, they will make a promise that will last for eternity. ♡

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