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Siana + Chase 

Nordegg, AB | Engagement

I drove up to Nordegg, AB to photograph these two beautiful humans, Chase and Siana. They are in the works of planning a summer wedding of this year (2020). I had such an amazing time capturing their love in the Mountains. Secret is out.. they have a small gift that arrives in May! Here is Sianna and Chase's love story.

I definitely never ever believed in love at first sight.. until I met Chase. I know I know, it sounds ridiculously cliché, but that’s how it happened for us. Chase and I met through Bumble (thank you weird dating apps), and my goal with this girl makes the first move concept was to try to get his attention with more than a “oh hi there! ” What I said definitely caught his attention. 
While trying to not miss any details for this little story, I must add that his profile had a picture of him on his motorcycle.. keep in mind for this.. I HATE motorcycles. Yet here I was totally intrigued. We had a quick conversation, nothing really deep but enough to know we had the same interests and a date was set for later in the week. 
I agreed to a dinner date and SOMEHOW agreed to being picked up on his motorcycle.. 
(I still to this day have no idea how I had the courage enough to go through with it and not cancel on him the morning of.. BUT anyways..) That night rolled around. I waited outside my place and here comes on his black motorcycle, I swear in slow motion, THE cutest guy I had ever seen. He hops off his bike, introduces himself, while I stand there in complete mush not knowing what to say. He helps me by putting motorcycle gloves on me and I swear I’m shaking and I notice he’s shaking too, barely able to even tie them up. Then off we go, with me holding on for dear life to this guy I just met, on his motorcycle. By the end of the night, after talking away at dinner about pretty much everything & me actually agreeing to ride on the the highway for the ride back home, I knew he was it for me. This guy was the one. I don’t know how I knew it, I just did. And luckily of course.. he felt the exact same way about me. Our second date was two nights later, and from that night on we were inseparable.. couldn’t go a day without seeing each other. Now here we are a few months away from 2 years since that date, getting married in August and even more excited to welcome our son in early May. 
Love at first sight definitely exists... so don’t be afraid of it.


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